Workers of the world might just be united by one conviction: work is a four-letter word. Of course it is when you have bitchy bosses, vicious water cooler gossips and menial assignments that make you feel about as big as a paperclip. It doesn’t matter if you’re a no-wage intern, middle-level salary man or even the boss, everyone suffers from the working (wo)man’s blues some time. But don’t fret too much because there’s workers’ comp in the form of hilarity and sympathy at My Very Worst Job™.

Jessica Ramakrishnan and Victoria Namkung were co-interns before they were friends. Since then, they’ve toiled as contributing scribes, reporting fashion, lifestyle, travel and culture stories for the likes of Los Angeles Times, Chicago TribuneForbes and style.com. They launched My Very Worst Date to have a lark about their (and other people’s) dating dramas, and My Very Worst Roommate to provide comfort for those in shared living hells. Now, they’re taking on on the office.